The most expensive stocks in the world

Berkshire Hathaway

The leader in price per share for many years is Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and, more specifically, its Class A papers (BRK.A). At the time of writing, the price was $409,100, a historic high.

Warren Buffett’s company has existed since 1980. The secret of such a high price is the reluctance to split the stock. Apple, for example, regularly splits its shares to make them available to investors with small capital. And Oracle of Omaha considers the entry price to be a kind of “facetious control,” not wanting to see random people looking to make a quick buck among the co-owners of the business.

But the company also has Class B shares (BRK-b). Their value is affordable for most investors. The price per paper is $270 at the time of this writing. The issuance of this type of stock in 1996 was a kind of concession to retail investors. In addition, their split was subsequently conducted.

The scope of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – is primarily finance and insurance. But it also has subsidiaries engaged in trade, utilities and others. In total, there are more than forty of them.


Second place goes to the company, whose stock price is also near historic highs. One of its shares at the end of April 2021 was worth $92.1 thousand. Lindt & Spruengli N (LISN, Swiss Exchange) is a well-known manufacturer of chocolate from Switzerland. The issuer traces its history back to the David Sprüngli & Son store, opened in 1836. Thanks to numerous acquisitions of competitors, today production takes place in many countries. Lindt has factories in the U.S., Germany, Italy, etc.
NVR Incorporated
Rounding out the top three is NVR Incorporated (NVR). The scope of this U.S. issuer is construction plus mortgages. The price of one share at the time of writing has reached $4929. During the year its quotations almost doubled. It is the most local of the businesses presented in the review. Its sphere of influence covers only 15 states, while the others operate globally.

Seaboard Corporation

Seaboard Corporation (SEB) ranks fourth. It was founded in 1918. Price per share at the time of the review is $3602. The business of this holding company includes many industries. For example, industry, energy, and agriculture. Its subsidiaries operate in the U.S., Europe, the Dominican Republic, etc.


Fifth place among the most expensive stocks in the world is Amazon Inc. (AMZN) with a price of $3,455. The company plans to split in 2021 in order to get into the Dow Jones index. This means that while the total capitalization will remain intact, the price per share will fall many times over and it will become much more accessible to investors.

Some of the most expensive stocks also include:

  • Booking Holdings Inc. (BKNG) $2460.
  • Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) – Class A stock $2310.
  • Markel CorpMarkel Corp (MKL) – $1180.


I would like to point out to newbie investors that the price of a stock does not determine its performance. The market knows many examples when the quotations of this or that company fell many times. Likewise, a low price does not mean that you cannot make profit on the stock. For example, VTB shares (one of the cheapest on the Russian stock exchange) from March to April 2021 grew by 35%. When choosing an issuer to invest in, one should first and foremost consider multiples and other fundamental indicators.


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